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OEA President Site Visits

Thursday, September 29th – Pine Grove (11:10-12:30 pm)

Wednesday, October 5th – Alice Shaw (11:35-12:45 pm)

Thursday, October 6th – OAHS (11:50-12:30 pm)

Thursday, October 13th - OJHS (12:45-1:30 pm)

Friday, October 14th – Nightingale (11:05-12:45 pm)

Friday, October 14th - LJHS (12:52-1:35 pm)

Thursday, October 20th – Patterson (11:15-12:42 pm)

Thursday, October 27th – Ralph Dunlap (11:30-1:10 pm)

Friday, October 28th – OAK-8 (11:35-1:00 pm)

Friday, October 28th – Olga Reed (11:35-1:00 pm)





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