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Team OEA


President – Monique L. Segura

1st Vice President – Scott Gelotti

2nd Vice President – Pat Brickey

Secretary – Anna Zucker

Treasurer – Roberta Hough

Grievance Chair – Graham Culbera

Bargaining Suport Chair – John Chamberlain

Elections Chair

Social Chair – Bobette Sanders

Webmaster – Paul Cleveland

GLBT Contact – Graham Culbera

Human Rights Contact – Gerald Lindemulder

Women’s Rights Contact – Anna Zucker

Negotiations Team

Pat Brickey, Scott Gelotti, Anita Perales, Don Robertson, Monique L. Segura, Lisa Wilkanoski



Site Representatives

Alice Shaw - Troy Horton

Dunlap - Tania Kim

Lakeview Jr. High. - Patty Manfredi

Nightingale - Anita Perales

Oak 8 - Veronica Leach

Olga Reed - Lisa Wilkanoski

Orcutt Academy High. - Jenny Hubbard

Orcutt Jr. High - Kelli Zamudio

Patterson - Susie Hinden

Pine Grove - Elizabeth Tymn

Special Education -

TOSA - Cathy Lake






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